• Founded in 2013, St. BAS is a community of Sacramental Esoteric and Gnostic Christian practitioners devoted to the intensive study of the Esoteric and Gnostic Christian view and the contemplative and liturgical practices through which we can personally engage these teachings and apply them to our own experience.

    Believing in the utmost necessity of realizing our true nature, and embodying this realization in our everyday lives, we work to build lives, and therefore a world, of clarity, sanity, equanimity and compassion.

    St. Basilides of Alexandria Theological Seminary upholds the importance of non-sectarianism and an appreciation for the many forms of esoteric Christianity. Therefore, students of any background are welcomed and encouraged to participate in our activities, enter the program, and even pursue ordination into sacramentally valid Apostolic Holy Orders within one of our affiliated bodies.

  • Our Mission

    St. BAS primarily forms priests and trains clergy for the worldwide Church, and provides continuing theological education, equipping them for the work of ministry in the 21st century.

    Our Vision

    St. BAS is committed to being a premier learning institution. This end is achieved through an uncompromising passion for excellence in providing educational opportunities for adult Learners that fosters integrity, critical thinking, professional knowledge, a global view, and leadership for a changing world.

  • Log into your course any time of day, when it’s convenient for YOU.

    Benefits of Online Learning

    The virtual classroom difference doesn’t end there. Consider the following additional benefits:

    Relevant, and custom-designed for the online environment. St. BAS seminary courses are kept up to date and relevant to today’s context.

    Be free to schedule your learning at a time in the day that is best for you. You are not forced to log-on to your courses at a certain time of the day.

    Participate in your course from anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to the Internet.

An authentic distance education program leading towards the Licentiate of Sacred Theology and qualification for Ordination to the Apostolic Priesthood in the Gnostic and Esoteric Christian traditions.