The Casual Learner

Maybe you want to take a course or two but aren’t interested (at least not right now) in pursuing ordination. Great! Find a course you like and sign up! You’ll have to create a seminary account in the process, and it will keep track of your courses and grades.

The Certificate Track

From time to time, St. BAS may make available certificates in particular topics for students who complete a series of courses. Students can enroll in these courses one at a time, just like the Casual Learner, or they can purchase the entire Certificate Track of courses – often at a significant tuition discount.

The Full Seminary Program

The only real difference between a student in the Full Seminary track and the Casual Learner is that the Seminarian has a plan. They intend to meet the STL graduation requirements (12 core courses and 12 electives), and they’re following a course progression to get them where they intend to go. Even in the Full Seminary program, Seminarians purchase their courses one at a time – so they can move through the program at a pace that works for them (note: Seminarians may not take more than three courses simultaneously).

Ordination to the Priesthood

St. BAS is a seminary – an educational institution, and as such does not, itself, offer ordination into Holy Orders to its graduates. It is understood that Seminarians pursuing ordination within their Church or Jurisdiction will be in constant contact with their ecclesiastical sponsor regarding their progress and their ordination requirements. St. BAS will happily provide course and graduation information to ecclesiastical sponsors upon Seminarian request.

Some jurisdictions, such as the Oriental Apostolic Church of Damcar and the Liberal Gnostic Church have partnered with St. BAS and have agreed to accept the Full Seminary Program as meeting their educational requirements for ordination. Check with your jurisdictional authority/Bishop to determine if they will likewise accept the program. If you represent a Church or Jurisdiction and would like to work with St. BAS to provide a more customized educational program for your ordinands, feel free to contact us about the possibilities!

St. Basilides of Alexandria Theological Seminary welcomes all adult Learners, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, disability, gender, age, sexual orientation nor in any other way in any of its policies, practices, or procedures involving applicants, Learners, Faculty Mentors, staff, and the public. The seminary reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone it believes does not meet its academic standards.

Personal information (name, address, etc.) obtained during the application process (including the application itself) is securely stored and never released without your permission unless it is required and requested by a lawful warrant or court order.

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